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Discover Which Foods and Spices Can Be Added to Your Existing Diet to Lose Weight Without the Typical Struggle

By #1 International Bestselling Author Alessandra Solis

“I talked with my healthcare provider about this method of eating and she said yes, it does work and keep losing weight.”
Shawn McDowell, Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase.

Come Take a Sneak Peek…

Discover which foods and spices lead to:

  • Rapid weight loss and a blocking effect of further weight gain
  • A (much) faster metabolism for hours to come
  • Feeling full sooner
  • Converting stubborn white belly fat to brown fat, which burns off more easily
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About the Author

#1 International Bestselling Author Alessandra Solis presents readers with effective and scientifically-proven weight-loss strategies that she discovered accidentally after altering her diet in just one way and losing 18 pounds in about a month. Following this epiphany, Solis put her research skills – developed by 20 years of experience as a journalist – to work. Uncovering secret strategies to boost metabolism, convert stubborn white fat to the more rapidly-burning brown variety, and achieving a sense of fullness earlier in the meal were just a few of the positive effects Solis unearthed in nearly three years of research. The scientific studies she bases her groundbreaking recommendations on (and cites for curious readers) are typically accessible to physicians only. Much of the scientific research presented by Solis when backing up her “secret strategies” were conducted at large medical centers, using well-established protocols. Solis then teamed up with medical doctors to confirm her revolutionary findings before bringing them to a worldwide audience in her debut title: EAT HOT… LOOK HOT, Sneak Preview Edition: Secret Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly. Burn More Fat and Boost Metabolism at any Age!


The Starter Cookbook

Awarded #1 New Release in Beauty and Skin Care by Amazon.com

“Solis made an amazing discovery when she effortlessly lost a considerable amount of weight. The thermogenic properties of *** actually prompted her body to start burning fat. The research she conducted afterwards confirmed her initial hypothesis, and her books chart the program she devised to optimize your own thermogenic powers. A respectable and well-presented cookbook.”
Readers’ Favorite

Would you like to learn how to tweak your existing diet– just a little- to rev up your metabolism, burn off excess fat, curb hunger and ultimately lose weight and look hot!  transform your overweight body to a sleek, sexy new one? If so, The EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™ Starter Cookbook shows you exactly what to do, meal by meal. Phase by phase.

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“The EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™ diet will save A LOT of women from having to undergo liposuction, the most common plastic surgery procedure in the world.”

- Dr. Michael Saultzhaucer (AKA, ''Dr. Miami''), Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates.Miami, Florida

“Superbly researched and presented in a practical, easy-to-implement manner with plenty of bonus materials and guides, EAT HOT…LOOK HOT has the power to alter the gold-standard for dieting and permanently transform lives, both physically and psychologically.”

-Brad K. Cohen, MD, F.A.C.S., F.A.A.O.S., Surgeon,, Aventura Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PA, Miami, Florida

My co-workers noticed, my sister noticed when I saw her Saturday, and I was so excited to tell her that I lost five pounds in one week. And my skin is glowing … and I’m so excited to keep doing the diet because imagine in a month…I’ll be able to wear a bikini!”

-Karinis V., Miami, Florida

“I have been traveling the world, and spent two months living in Thailand and Bali, eating the local food. I made no effort to restrict when or what to eat, but I still began to shed pounds. After learning about Alessandra Solis’ focused dieting strategy, it became clear to me what occurred, and how to take advantage of this amazing effect.”

- Josh Z., Barcelona, Spain

“As an obstetrician-gynecologist, I care a lot about my patient’s way of eating. EAT HOT……LOOK HOT is a well-researched book that provides an easy way for my patients to stay healthy before, during and after pregnancy. Well done.”


“You’re lifted up and you feel better. Trust me people, this is it!”

- Mariela Keen , Owner, Juicery Bar, former CNN-Espanol Consultant

“I’m absolutely loving your book; the research you have done is amazing.”

- Susan Housley, Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“The idea of using spices to transform your body fat is an attractive one indeed.”

-Readers’ Favorite

“I’ve only just started this program & so far I’m loving it. I’m already 3 pounds down and that’s counting the Thanksgiving debacle. My story: it seems like after I turned 40, I totally lost control over my weight. It has been steadily creeping up and nothing – I mean NOTHING – would budge it. I went keto for about a month (lost maybe 5 pounds, then gained it back), then I tried intermittent fasting while on keto and actually gained weight and I think I also threw my hormones off and my sleep schedule was whacked for about 4 months after that. Alessandra’s plan is SO easy to fit into normal life. I feel like I have control back, for the first time in a long time. I haven’t found a downside & it feels great to know I can DO something to lose weight again. It’s worth at least trying it for a month or two to see what happens for you.”

-Lisa, Amazon Customer

“I tend to be critical of most of the diet books I’ve read. Many do not live up to their promises, or endorse a diet plan which is either too complicated for most people to follow, or is simply unsustainable. Having said that, I found “Eat Hot, Look Hot” to be extremely easy to follow. I even noticed results within days after following Solis’ clear step-by-step recommendations. All of her ideas are backed up by credible science. Could this be the next “South Beach Diet”? Who knows, but I can’t imagine it won’t be highly successful, once people get wind of it.”

Andreas Michaelides.,, Author of My Weight Loss Journey and Blogger at Thirsty4Health.com

“Counterintuitive, highly actionable and a game-changing book on diets. As an ultra-runner and gym fanatic who trains 7 days a week, I have a very strict diet plan I follow that I thought was perfect for my goals and my training. Alessandra showed me that I still have a lot to learn. I have studied diets and nutrition for a long time and this book still taught me something I have never heard before that I am already starting to implement in my life. Despite my intense training regimen, I have always struggled with that last bit of fat on my lower stomach, but not anymore. This book gave me invaluable tips, all proven by research, on changes to make to my diet that will only enhance my training, my physique and ultimately my life. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their diet in any way, which really should be everyone.”

-Akshay N., India

“I was so excited to find an author who understands why diets fail and how easy it is to gain back your weight once you go “off” your diet. Now. I found this easy to read book that gives me a pathway to a healthy weight without giving up all the foods I love. I don’t usually like HOT Spices but with all the research that has been done that supports the theories in this book, I can embrace “Eating Hot” and welcome a new slimmer me. I love how the author makes this information so easy to absorb, filled with helpful hints and just an uplifting positive message. I am excited to have this book as a tool to move forward to a thinner new me.”

-Rachel R., Amazon Customer

“A refreshing approach to eating healthy. For me one of the things that really sets it apart from other diet books is that the food tastes great! Much of the traditional diet food tastes like cardboard, no wonder we relapse. Finally a new and exciting way to eat!”

-Lydia Z., Miami, Florida

“Miss Solis gives us a preview of her upcoming book which will help those of us who are fighting excess pounds to lose weight without cravings and dieting, by just adding a few ingredients to our diet. If this works it will be revolutionary to society’s problem of obesity. She includes lots of scientific data and recipes to start on this path to a new healthy slimness.”

-The Bibliophile, Amazon Customer

“This book is a fresh approach to dieting and written in a way that makes it simple to follow. With all of the diet books and fads out there I was skeptical at first, however after a recommendation I decided to give the book a shot. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to understand the concepts behind the diet and already feel a difference in my body within days! It’s a quick read and I highly recommend it!”

-Sasha, Amazon Customer

“Great book! Really interesting take on food as it relates to us. The book really busted some myths I had in my head about weight loss and how the body actually works. Worth the money 100%, I’ve bought some books over the years that were twice the price with half the info, this one is great.”

-Peter Cunningham, Amazon customer

“I think the author is really onto something innovative and life changing. I have been trying to find a way for my husband and I to lose weight and I think this may be the trick. The ideas in her book lead to a different way to approach weight loss and I think this is something my husband and I can stick to and win the battle of the bulge.”

-Healthy Holly, Amazon customer

“It looks like someone has finally come up with an achievable solution to weight control.”

-Davita, Miami, Florida

“Very exciting book.  Looks like it may really be a pathway to losing all the weight I’ve tried to lose all these years on 100 different programs.”

-Lea, Amazon customer

“EAT HOT LOOK HOT great book. Full of terrific motivating hints and inspiration. Read it from cover to cover couldn’t put it down.”

-Francine B. Kowalsky, Amazon customer

“Wow! This book is revolutionary with refreshing information on how to lose weight and be healthy in a fun and sustainable way. The strategies offered in this book are very original and delicious.”

-Carol J., Bay Harbor, Florida

“Well-written and informative. The science is all there and clearly explained. This book is going to be my Christmas present to my sisters and sister-in-law.”

-Cherylyn L., Melville, NY

“This is a fantastic way to get to the weight you want! A fabulous and easy approach to weight loss & is exciting to stick by!!!!”

-Simi A., Woodmere, NY
“I’m a Success Story too!”


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